The Deep Learning Framework for Mobile Computing

Deep Learning

Caffe2 : The Deep Learning Framework for Mobile Computing

Short Bytes: Caffe2 is Facebook’s new Open Source Deep Learning Library. In contrast to its previous PyTorch library, Caffe2 is built especially for …
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Deep Learning in Industrial Systems

Deep learning generally refers to a set of technologies, primarily Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), that are capable of processing unstructured, as well …
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NorCom Selects MapR to Accelerate Deep Learning in Autonomous Driving Applications

“The automotive industry is undergoing a massive disruption at the moment, fueled by advanced technologies such as deep learning,” said Dr. Tobias …
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Wave Computing and Sonics to Present on Deep Learning Technology At ML DevCon

“Wave is at the forefront of the group of fabless semiconductor companies targeting Deep Learning applications with their chips,” said Wingard.
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Escher Erases Batching Lines for Efficient FPGA Deep Learning

Aside from the massive parallelism available in modern FPGAs, there are other two other key reasons why reconfigurable hardware is finding a fit in …
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New system detects hate speech in Tweets via Deep Learning

The majority of tweets are sent as communication, advertising or offering kind words. Unfortunately, a minority are sent with more nefarious intentions, …
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Groq This: New AI Chips to Give GPUs a Run for Deep Learning Money

NXP was working on deep learning and computer vision problems before the acquisition was announced, and it appears that Qualcomm will be …
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Artificial Intelligence Could Help Diagnose Tuberculosis

However, the researchers used deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to complete tasks based on existing relationships …
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Wave Computing Launches Machine Learning Appliance

The software stack will initially support the TensorFlow deep learning framework, but plans to add Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), MXNet, and …
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Why Video Publishers Need to Keep Up With AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data

Deep learning is a specific machine learning technique. Most deep learning methods involve artificial neural networks, modeling how our brain works.
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Deep learning: Modular in theory, inflexible in practice

Diogo Almeida examines the capabilities and challenges in deep learning.
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Predictive superpowers: Applying deep learning on mobile sensor data to predict human behavior

Predictive superpowers: Applying deep learning on mobile sensor data to predict human behavior. At Sentiance we believe that smart devices, …
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Applied Deep Learning Bootcamp

Build the intuition and the technical skills needed to effectively apply Deep Learning models.
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Deep Learning Workstation

I have built this deep learning workstation similarly to the Nvidia Digits Devbox which sells for $15000. All the parts are essentially the same, except …

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