IBM team stores one bit of data on a single atom


IBM-led international research team stores one bit of data on a single atom

March 9, 2017
Scanning tunneling microscope image of a single atom of holmium, an element that researchers used as a magnet to store one bit of data. (credit: IBM Research -- Almaden)Could lead to 1,000 times higher storage density in the future

An international team led by IBM has created the world’s smallest magnet, using a single atom of rare-earth element holmium, and stored one bit of data on it over several hours. The achievement represents the ultimate limit of the classical approach to high-density magnetic storage media, according to a paper published March 8 in the journal … more…


Preparing for our posthuman future of artificial intelligence

March 9, 2017
posthuman ftBy David Brin “Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” – George Orwell What will happen as we enter the era of human augmentation, artificial intelligence and government-by-algorithm? James Barrat, author of Our Final Invention, said: “Coexisting safely and ethically … more…

upcoming talk | Ray Kurzweil & daughter Amy Kurzweil on the future of storytelling

March 8, 2017
South by Southwest - C1Featured session at popular event South by Southwest.

Dear readers, I will be presenting on stage with my daughter Amy Kurzweil in a featured session at the popular event called South by Southwest. Amy and I share an enthusiasm for the future of storytelling and the arts, and what new digital media can accomplish. Following our talk, Amy Kurzweil will do a book …more…


Agenda17_logo_wTagAGENDA17 Conference

Dates: Mar 20 – 22, 2017
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

fost-fest-logoFuture of Storytelling

Dates: Oct 6 – 9, 2017
Location: New York, New York


Foundation’s Triumph

author | David Brin
Foundation's Triumph - BrinIsaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy is one of the highwater marks of science fiction.The monumental story of a Galactic Empire in decline and a secret society of scientists who seek to shorten the coming Dark Age with tools of Psychohistory, Foundation pioneered many themes of modern science fiction. Now, with the approval of the Asimov estate, … more…

Kiln People

author | David Brin
Bestselling novelist Brin (Startide Rising; The Postman; etc.) restricts the action to planet Earth, but still allows his imagination to roam the cosmos in this ambitious SF/mystery hybrid whose grasp occasionally exceeds its reach. Thanks to the new technology of imprinting, people in a near-future America can copy their personalities into animated clay bodies (called “dittos” …more…

Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines

author | John Havens
heartificial-intelligence-coverAlgorithms will soon know more about us than we know ourselves  Where should machine automation end? Is it acceptable to have a digital assistant arrange your calendar, but not to have a robot spouse? Are companion robots acceptable for seniors in need of comfort, but not okay for toddlers exposed to emotional software that could … more…

The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World

author | Pedro Domingos
the-master-algorithm-coverIn the world’s top research labs and universities, the race is on to invent the ultimate learning algorithm: one capable of discovering any knowledge from data, and doing anything we want, before we even ask. In The Master Algorithm, Pedro Domingos lifts the veil to give us a peek inside the learning machines that power Google, …more…