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1. Analytics as a source of business innovation

Here’s a report from MIT Sloan Management Review that looks at how organizations from a wide range of industries are innovating with analytics.

2. Data governance: What you need to know

An ongoing data governance program provides intellectual and institutional grounding to adhere to a company’s strategic plan. Jon Bruner offers a looks at what you need to know, complete with recommendations for data governance resources on Safari.

3. Metrics are great

But what about the side effects? Julie Steele talks to Abe Gong, CDO at Aspire Health, about data ethics.

4. Flash flood prediction with ML

Flash floods are the second most deadly extreme weather event in the world (after heat), but many of these deaths could be avoided with better prediction. Unfortunately, flood prediction is notoriously hard.” Zachary Flamig and Race Clark used a machine learning model to build better forecast tools for the U.S. National Weather Service, but quickly learned these same tools can be applied to other parts of the world as well.

5. 2017 European Data Science Salary Survey

How do data science salaries for people in Europe compare to their counterparts in the rest of the world? Find out in this free report.
Get the free report →

+ Strata is coming to London May 22-25.

6. A simple product recommendation engine in Python

Chris Clark built and implemented a better product recommendation engine for Grove Collaborative using matplotlib, pandas and numpy to identify and display what products are trending.

7. Bringing Spark to the mainframe

IBM announced support for machine learning on Z-series mainframes. If a lot of your transactional processing is still happening on mainframe—and you want to build predictive models on their data—it’s worth a look.

8. How to use blockchain to build a database solution

And why you might actually want to do that.
In collaboration with Zaloni

Free ebook: Understanding Metadata

Understanding Metadata: Create the Foundation for a Scalable Data Architecture explains how to analyze metadata, automate metadata capture, and discusses the pros and cons of several data lake management solutions that support metadata.

And it’s free, courtesy of Zaloni.

9. 8 new products you’ll see at Strata + Hadoop World (next week)

Datanami gives you a heads up on 8 products to watch for at next week’s Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose.

+ If you don’t have time to attend the amazing sessions, we feel your pain. There is also an Expo Hall Plus pass that gets you just 2 technical sessions, but you can attend many of the events, explore the Expo Hall (where you just might find those 8 interesting new products) and see the sponsored sessions. It’s a pretty good deal. Check it out.

10. Emerging machine intelligence clusters

“[The] race for talent is catalyzing acquisitions by corporates interested in adding AI to their products and services. As an example, Ex-Googler Sebastian Thurn estimated that the going rate for self-driving engineering talent is $10 million per person.” This post looks at the current AI landscape in Europe.

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