A digitizing David takes on photo-scanning Goliath

 Mitch Goldstone loves photo scanning. His business, ScanMyPhotos, does what it says on the tin: you send photos to the company and, using high speed scanners and special software, his team digitizes your photos, sticks them onto a USB key or online, and sends them back.
He is proud of his business. Thanks to his scanners he’s helped users save their photos from tornadoes, floods, and theft. Read More

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You can now pick up an iMac Pro in-store, for $4,999 and up

Apple iMac Pro Apple’s super-powered iMac Pro hit the company’s online store just ahead of Christmas. Now those who’d prefer to pick one up in-person can do so by paying a visit to one of its various retail establishments. Availability was first spotted by MacRumors earlier today, and you can check it for yourself by entering your zip code over on the company’s site. At $4,999 and… Read More

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A cyclist is using a Google Assistant-controlled electric bike wheel to ride cross country to CES

 This is one way to put your new electric bicycle wheel through its paces ahead of launch. But more importantly, it’s a pretty solid publicity stunt, funded by Google — a company that likes making a grand entrance. It’s all part of what’s shaping up to be a pretty big push for Google Assistant at the year’s biggest consumer electronics show. Read More

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Consumers dropped $200 million on apps on Christmas, up 12 percent from last year

 Consumers spent $196 million on apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions on Christmas Day 2017 across the App Store and Google Play, according to new data from Sensor Tower. The report, while excluding Android revenue in China, represents a 12.3 percent increase over last year’s spending of approximately $174 million. That speaks to a still-growing market for apps and games as well as… Read More

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Historian Leslie Berlin talks about the rise of Silicon Valley

 In this week’s episode of Technotopia I spoke to author and historian Leslie Berlin, writer of Troublemakers: Silicon Valleys’ Coming Of Age. Berlin is the Project Historian for the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford University and one of the few people who can see the entire rise of SV tech culture from a researcher’s perspective.

Berlin’s book is quirky, fun, and… Read More

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What Deep Discovering Could Do For Company The primary obstacles to the adoption of deep understanding result from its intricacy

Once in awhile a new modern technology buzzword shows up, to be picked up and also duplicated advertisement infinitum in discussions, pitches, and articles just like this. From large data to the blockchain, they are practical selling tools, an essential shorthand; yet all too often our understanding of exactly what they in fact refer to is just skin-deep. As well as there are few terms more mystical to the unaware as deep discovering.

The issue is that to use these technologies properly, or even create a method around them, we should fully comprehend their nature and their capacities prior to we begin. The deep learning market is predicted to grow rapidly in the following few years to get to $1.7 billion by 2022, fuelled by growing usage across a large range of markets. But why is deep knowing anticipated making such an impact? Exactly what is deep learning, and how can it be applied in the enterprise to generate tangible benefits? Continue reading to discover.

Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

First off, let’s be clear exactly what we’re talking about. Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence that allows computers to discover without being clearly set, just from the data we provide it with. Clearly, a formula which can enhance its efficiency without human treatment is very powerful, as well as those equipment discovering formulas are currently utilized for an entire range of applications, from arranging your emails to determining tweets related to ecological catastrophes.

One kind of machine learning formula uses neural networks, man-made nerve cells that are linked with each other and organized right into layers. A neural network is designed to categorize information in a similar means to the human mind, deciding and also predictions about the information it receives along with a degree of possibility. Based on whether those decisions and forecasts turned out to be appropriate or otherwise, algorithms customize links in the network, boosting the classification efficiency.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning which uses huge neural networks with many ordered layers, hence the ‘deep’ in the name – as a matter of fact deep knowing is often described in the scientific community as ‘deep semantic networks’. Neither the principle neither much of the formulas are brand-new, however the implementation of deep discovering has just recently come to be functional. Not only does it need huge amounts of information to execute well, yet semantic networks are additionally really computationally pricey, so it was only the advent of big information along with enhancements in processing power that made it feasible.

Advantages of Deep Learning

Various sorts of machine learning algorithm have their own toughness as well as weaknesses, however in general, they succeed at pattern acknowledgment, bring about several helpful applications such as computer system vision and also natural language processing. Up until recently, nonetheless, artificial intelligence algorithms called for training information to be identified – i.e. photos of pets needed to be identified ‘pet dog’ to ensure that the formula recognized whether it had actually categorized the photo correctly. This is referred to as ‘supervised understanding’, and while it is rapid and does not call for too much processing power, by hand labeling the data in advance is lengthy and also expensive.

Yet because deep neural networks utilize numerous layers of understanding, they have the ability to identify items or words without being informed if their previous classifications were proper. They identify increasingly more comprehensive features at each layer, and each layer picks up from the one before it. This automatic encoding of functions, without labeled information, is called ‘not being watched learning’, and also it is key – the capability to make use of unstructured training data is of great benefit in real-world applications due to the fact that there is currently a big quantity of readily available training information around. Unsupervised understanding could be accomplished without neural networks, but notably, it is this style which currently produces the very best efficiency for the majority of solutions, and could also be adapted to different remedies reasonably conveniently. For example, ‘deep convolutional neural networks’ do quite possibly in aesthetic acknowledgment jobs since they can make use of how data is spatially located.

Present Applications

While the commercial application of deep understanding is not yet extensive, all the major modern technology companies recognize its possible as well as are investing greatly. You could have discovered just how speech acknowledgment and translation solutions have improved dramatically in the last couple of years, and also this is to the application of deep learning. Photo recognition innovation has been updated and also added into picture management software application, and Google has also included all-natural language generation right into the mix, showing the capacity to automatically include subtitles to pictures. As a matter of fact, at its designer seminar last week, the business launched a brand-new item called Google Lens which, thanks to image recognition technology, will certainly allow individuals to look for info just by directing their cam at something.

And also it’s not simply the big names that are obtaining in on the act. For instance, Ditto Labs has developed a discovery system to recognize things, business logo designs and customer view in social networks images, which assists brands to assess their existence as well as reach. The start-up Indico provides comparable services together with real-time text evaluation as you kind, aiding services to advertise their brands more effectively. On a different note, with the increase in cybercrime firms additionally have to do every little thing they could to protect themselves from online risks, and the cybersecurity professionals at Deep Impulse utilize deep learning how to predict, identify as well as stop those dangers.



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iOS 11.2 is going to support faster 7.5W Qi wireless charging

 The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all support wireless charging using the Qi standard. It means that iPhones are now compatible with hundreds of chargers out there. But iPhone Qi charging is currently limited to 5W, or the slowest wireless charging speed. Apple is currently working on iOS 11.2 — this update is going to support 7.5W charging.
Wireless charging is nice if you… Read More

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