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Teaching Machines to Understand, and Summarize, Text


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Teaching Machines to Understand, and Summarize, Text
We humans are swamped with text. It’s not just news and other timely information: Regular people are drowning in legal documents. The problem is so bad we mostly ignore it. Every time a person uses a store’s loyalty rewards card or connects to an online service, his or her activities are governed by the equivalent […]

Why XPRIZE Is Asking Writers to Take Us Through a Wormhole to 2037

In a world of accelerating change, educating the public about the implications of technological advancements is extremely important.

Legacy | Future of Everything With Jason Silva

Introducing our new web series, Future of Everything with Jason Silva.

New Film ‘Food Evolution’ Takes on One of the Most Polarizing Scientific Topics

One Tuesday morning, as his family bustled around the house getting ready for the day, Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s phone lit up with a text message from his neighbor.

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